Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is a non-surgical process utilized to remove fat from a few selected areas of the human body. This process is primarily used to damage small quantities of fat. Too much fat in one particular area can lead to scarring of the area. The process of freezing fat cells involves the use of the latest technology of Cryolipolysis. This process affects only the tissue that is targeted. It does not cause any effect to the other surrounding tissues. This happens because fat cells are susceptible against the cold and so, their removal becomes an easy matter. This method is also one that offers a very minimal level of discomfort to the individual on whom fat freezing is carried out.

Procedure of fat freezing

The process of freezing fat cells is carried out through the application of controlled frostbite. The interesting fact is in this process the skin is not frozen but the fat cells are frozen. These frozen fat cells die and is absorbed by the body. The number of treatments required by a person depends on the amount of fat available for reduction.

Benefits of the fat freezing process

There are several benefits associated with the non-surgical procedure of fat freezing. They are:

The procedure is used for the reduction of fat from different areas of the human body like the abdomen, back, thighs, etc.
It mainly affects those areas of the body where the diet and exercise programs have no effect.
There is no need of incision in this procedure.
The individual undergoing the procedure suffers minimal discomfort.
The risk of skin injury is very less in this procedure.
The process is suitable for all skin types.
The requirement of downtime is very less.

A few things to remember about the fat freezing method:
The process of freezing fat cells is mainly effective for removal of fat in limited quantity from the areas of abdomen, back, thighs, etc.
The process is a fat removal technique and not a weight loss procedure.
There may be the need for more than one treatment session depending on the volume of fat available for reduction.
The costs of this procedure may be higher than other traditional methods of fat reduction.

2in1 Fat Freeze Slimming Machine With Double Hand Piece Double Handpiece Cooling Operation Fat Freeze Weight Loss .

In operation:
1.operation, testing to see whether it is normal heart rate [50-100 ].
2.Check the thickness of fat.
3. Clean the operation area, area of hair removal operation.
4.Marking the operation zone size.
5.In the operation of areas with antifreeze.
6.At the operation site paste antifreeze membrane.
7.Patients undergoing operation , should sit so that the upper torso and thigh was 90 degrees.
8.The cooling device to gently suck into the operation site, and setting the vacuum suction strength.
9.Regulate the suction strength to the appropriate time, maintain a constant suction, suction can according to customer ‘s ability to accept appropriate adjustment. At the same time to meet the suction massage mode.
10.operation of 25 – 30 minutes, press the stop control keys, stop suction., screening and adding antifreeze.
11.Repeat steps 10 to 11, until the completion of course [again ] power off by pressing the start button.

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