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    The use of an ultra cavitation machine is a modern non-surgical way for fat removal from your body. This machine uses ultrasound waves to break down cellulite and fat cells in specific body parts without affecting other cells. Below is a guide on how to use the machine for effective results:
    1. Use frequency
    For the first two weeks you can use it for four times in 10-15 minutes sessions. The machine has a default time of 5 minutes for each session you use it but you can adjust it according to your experience. You can reduce the usage frequency to one time a week after using it for two weeks.
    2. Energy level
    The machine has six energy levels with level three being the system’s default level. You should set up the energy level you are comfortable with and you can upgrade it for greater results.
    3. Applying the ultrasound gel
    The gel should be applied 3mm-5mm thick to any parts of your body apart from around the eyes and heart. This gel helps ultrasound to reach underneath the skin and you should apply more as it dries during your treatment session.

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  • Ultrasonic cavitation machine home use is the best way to do liposuction at home

    We all want to get rid of unwanted fat from our body in an easy manner. There are several machines and methods available in the market that claim to remove excess fat from your body without any hard work. But only a few of these solutions give the result as their promise and ultrasonic cavitation machine is one of those few machines. With the help of ultrasonic cavitation machine home use, anyone can easily remove fat from their body, and they can get result same as liposuction.
    To experience the best result with ultrasonic cavitation machine at home, you only need to follow few simple steps, and you can get the desired results easily. These steps are extremely simple and easy to follow that makes it an excellent choice for home liposuction. So, if you also hope to get rid of some extra fat from your body, you can try this method, and you can have the results that you want.

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  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine- The no 1 Solution for Skin Tightening

    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine- The no 1 Solution for Skin Tightening
    Weight loss and aging have one thing in common- Saggy skin. Even though this doesn’t occur to all people, it is a common outcome. A notable solution to deal with this is cosmetic or laser surgery, which is both costly and risky. However, with the invention of the high Intensity Focused Ultrasonic Machine (HIFU), all these problems will be a thing of the past.
    The HIFU machine works by delivering intense heat energy to the skin and subcutaneous tissues. The heat generated renews and stimulates collagen, responsible for skin elasticity, and causing it to become less saggy. A bonus is that you get better skin texture. The advantages of using HIFU is that the procedure is totally non-invasive, works well with all skin complexions, and it takes a short time (30 minutes). However for you to see a notable difference, you should have regular treatments from 2 months. Once the treatments are done, the results achieved can last for 2-3 years.
    Aside from skin tightening, the HIFU machines can also be used to burn fat. The heat generated reaches into the fat deposited under the skin, which, after melting, is transported to the liver through the lymphatic system. The liver breaks down the fat, ensuring that it leaves the body. The good thing about this process is that it doesn’t affect normal body functions, making it safe.
    Before using any of this equipment, make sure that they are approved by the FDA so that you are sure that they meet the desired requirements.
    HIFU machines are available in different shapes and sizes. You may get one for commercial use as well as a portable one for home use.
    As for side effects, you only experience redness of skin immediately after the treatment. No need to worry. This effect fades away after a few hours time.

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  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments

    Have you been wondering how you can reduce your weight? Well, good health entails eating a proper balanced diet as well as indulging in physical exercise. What if regular exercise isn’t your thing, what happens next? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you that is cost effective and also works well if you follow the right procedures and instructions. This is through the ultrasonic cavitation machine. When it comes to our machines we always ensure that we offer the best. These machines have enabled individuals to shape up and become physically appealing. You can always shade a couple of calories if you utilize this machine.

    ultrasonic cavitation treatments

    If you have always had that unappealing shape and you want your friends and relatives to see a big change then ultrasonic cavitation treatments can easen your effort. These machines will guarantee extra shading of your weight which is your ultimate goal in the long last. Our ultrasonic cavitation machines have been built and practically tested by our professionals. This builds our confidence in that they work efficiently. That is one advantage that comes with our machines. Secondly these machines are pocket friendly, meaning they are relatively cheap which makes them affordable. Thirdly, they are guarantee uniqueness in your appearance which is the fundamental aspect of the machine.

    Great work leads to more excellent results and our team ensures that our machines always come out the best. We offer detailed information on how to use these machines which makes it much easier to utilize them. To add on, we also offer assistance in case you experience any difficulties in using our machines. We are dedicated to ensure that our customers get fully satisfied. Our personnel will always guide you on the right procedures which ensure utmost best results.

    Ultrasonic cavitations treatments have always proven to be very effective according to medical research. Why don’t you try our ultrasonic cavitation machines and see how it goes. This is the time to change your appearance and it starts with using the right equipment to do it. Try our ultrasonic machines and make your dreams come true.

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  • Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation

    Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation, also referred to as Ultrasound Liposuction is a new revolutionary non-surgical fat removal procedure that was designed in Europe. It involves no surgery, no anesthesia, no hospital stay and no recovery time making it a very popular and stress-free procedure. A client sees immediate results and continues to see a reduction of fat up to a week after treatment.

    The technology used is known as cavitation technology which is basically an attack of fat deposits that diet and exercise don’t seem to be able to deal with.

    Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation

    Unlike the traditional tummy tuck, ultrasonic cavitation involves no knives, no anesthesia and no surgery. It can be compared to mesotherapy in that it is a remedy for cellulite known as localized adiposity.

    The procedure helps to bring your body back in good shape. The most common areas that clients want to be dealt with are the buttocks, love handles, abdomen, thighs, upper arms and male breasts.

    How does ultrasound lipo Cavitation work?

    The therapist applies a specially designed hand gadget to your skin that will transmit ultrasonic waves which have compression-expansion impulses that move in high-speed cycles. These cycles cause numerous micro-cavities or micro-bubbles that enlarge gradually. This gradual enlargement causes the micro-bubbles to collide and implode, causing shockwaves. These shockwaves favor elimination of fat tissues and emulsification. The liquid is then cleared from the body through the lymphatic and urinary system.

    Can you lose weight through ultrasound lipo cavitation?

    This is a method to reshape the body, not to lose weight. It is basically to reduce those fat deposits that won’t go away with exercise and diet. The treatment removes cellulite and prevents fat cells from recurring in those treated areas.

    Is the process painful?

    No, this is a painless treatment. You may see some mild redness on the skin but it is unlikely to cause any pain. You don’t experience any downtime after treatment.

    What should you do before and after the treatment?

    A low calorie diet is recommended. Also drink at least 1.5 litres of water both before and after the session. Regular exercise should be maintained after the treatment so that the fat is processed naturally.

    Advantages of ultrasound cavitation

    (1)Very little or no discomfort


    (3)No need for hospitalization

    (4)No long-term scars

    (5)Fat is eliminated through a natural process.

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    Tired of wasting your time with regimes or diets that do not work? Want to attain your desirable size with just several sessions? Worried about cost and how it will hurt your pocket? Well, ultrasonic liposuction cavitation machine is a very pocket-friendly and best the solution for you. Am sure you’re asking yourself how? Compared to the old liposuction regime, ultrasonic focuses on changing fat cells into fat-free acids. These are then disposed of by lymphatic system naturally.

    ultrasonic liposuction cavitation

    1. Benefits of using ultrasonic cavitation machine

    The ultra liposuction cavitation is very safe and fast way for getting rid of the unwanted fats without having surgery. How do you ask? It is very simple; the ultrasonic machine uses very low-frequency sound waves. Am sure your asking how sound and fat are related? The process illuminates heat, causing movement in the cells, therefore melting the fat beneath the skin. After the fat is melted, they are converted to fat-free acids and then the fats are released into the blood stream for disposal.

    2. Required sessions

    Most clients see results after the first session, but the recommended time for improvement is mainly between 8 to 20 sessions. Along this period, you will be able to see the desirable results. Although not all people lose weight the same way, age and weight are the main factors that will determine the amount of weight lost.

    3. Expected results

    Note that not all people get the same results; they will vary depending on the area treated or on age and weight. Therefore, the most common results patients have reported is tightening of the skin due to elastic fiber production and lose of cellulite due to collagen multiplication.

    As much as this is a fast and reliable method of losing weight, one must ensure to maintain the desirable size. How will this happen? The weight will be stable together with proper dieting. The way the cells are losing fat is the same way they also gain. This just means the more calories you eat is, the more calories you should loose. Let’s stay and live healthy by getting an Ultrasonic liposuction Cavitation Machine.

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  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Results

    What is ultrasonic cavitation?
    Ultrasonic cavitation is the name of treatment which is new and well-balanced treatment, it has designed by using modern edge technology. This cavitation device is used to reduce body fat with the conversion of fatty cells in water after that the human body has enough tendency to drained out water from the body by the natural filtration process. Usually treatment of cavitation of only fat last longer to 30 minutes minimum so that the single body part required to treat up to 72 hours, the duration must require in every session in this way body could be in the condition to reduce fat. Also, the least sessions for fat cavitation is recommended around 6 to 10.
    All body areas with the stored fat are the treated area by ultrasonic cavitation and the body areas include the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and are the major areas where body fat can increasing stored as no body part is objectionable to treat for reducing fat.

    Ultrasonic Cavitation Results
    What are the results of ultrasonic cavitation?
    Although cavitation is not the appropriate process of reducing fat but it is best to keep the body in shape and toned without any excess of fat. It directly points toward the adiposity reduction, and the known and recognised love handles can never reduce through exercise and diet. This treatment has the duty to eliminate fatty deposits and averting fatty cells to repetitive within already treated areas. This treatment is safe and does not cause any harm to health and vascular system in the body.
    How ultrasonic cavitation works?
    Technician firstly applies special hand pieces to a body, and then hand piece would transmit low ultrasonic waves that completely depend on expansion, compression impulses that keep on travelling in the cycle with super-fast speed. After some time this process starts developing infinite microbubbles or microcavities which get gradually enlarge, the process of enlargement of micro bubbles ends with begin to implode and collide through which shock waves developing that help in emulsification together with reducing tissues of stored fat and convert it to liquid. And then the liquid in the body release out through urinary and lymphatic system.

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