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  • The Benefits of Using Radio Frequency Cavitation Machines for Aesthetics

    Aesthetic medicine has become quite popular due to its effective wide range of solutions for enhancing cosmetic appearance. It does this through non-surgical procedures, surgical procedures or both. One of the most common non-surgical procedures involves cavitation and radio frequency; in fact, these two terms are almost always mentioned one with the other.

    This can be greatly attributed to the fact that Radio Frequency (RF) was the earliest non-intrusive skin beautifying technique. The procedure is carried out through various machines specifically designed for one or more purposes with the most recent models being adjustable to effectively and safely cater for different individual needs.

    Close up of a woman getting a cavitation treatment

    Close up of a woman getting a cavitation treatment

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  • Benefits of Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine

    Frequency cavitation machine waves directly penetrate the skin, the impedance of skin formation, can cause cell molecules to create strong resonant rotation (million times per second),

    The use of a high-frequency current directly heating the skin dermis layer promotes remodeling of collagen, reordering, newborn, allows the skin to reach full compact, high thermal energy, generated at the same time, to dissolve skin cells to a delicate facial effect. Increase the stability and effectiveness of face wrinkles.

    Radio frequency technology for family beauty in the range 0.3-1 MHz.

    After 2-6 months of treatment, the collagen will gradually increase, reorganizing, so that the sagging or weakening of the skin to tighten, the facial lines will have a more satisfactory update.
    Advantages of a radio-frequency cavitation machine
    1. Firm your skin and reduce pores.
    2. Remove wrinkles deeply and change the contours of the face, remove the double chin and make the face thinner.
    3. Activate collagen cells, increase elasticity, glossiness, abundance, rejuvenation and bleaching of the skin, as well as reduce specks.
    4. Reduce puffiness under the eyes / black eye.
    5. Reduce the head wrinkle.

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