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  • What you need to know about ultrasound fat removal at home

    Ultrasound fat removal at home is the use of an ultrasound energy to selectively destroy fat cells. Ultrasound fat removal at home is a painless, non-surgical way to remove body fat. It requires no exercise or incisions. Ultrasound fat removal are done with the use of cavitation machines.

    The mode of operation of cavitation machines are very simple. Cavitation machines release gentle ultrasound energy into the body. This ultrasound energy removes the walls protecting fat cells thereby allowing the fat cells to dissolve. Once the fat cells dissolve, they are eliminated by the body naturally. Meanwhile the surrounding tissues and nerves are completely unharmed by the process.

    The ultrasound fat removal procedure is a pleasant and relaxing experience. Since it is non-surgical and doesn’t involve any form of drugs. Ultrasound fat removal allows for a fully customizable treatment that meets the required need of each patient on a case by case basis.

    cavitation machine - lchspa (3)

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  • Freezing fat in the best way.

    Freezing fat is a process used for the purpose of removing the fat from a few parts of the body with the help of non-invasive method. If exercising and dieting would not prove to be useful, this technique is used. It is very sure that you would gain positive results by this. Fat from different parts of the body like abdomen, back etc. are removed by this method. The technology used here is called as Cryolipolysis.

    The targeted tissues are cooled for breaking down the fat cells. Hence, the fat cells are very easily removed through this procedure. Only the targeted cells are affected and not the other cells surrounding the particular area. Hence, it has proved to be very advantageous. Because the fat cells are very susceptible to cold, this technique is used.

    This treatment has proved to be very beneficial to many people. It has greatly helped to freeze the fat in the best way. The reduction of unwanted fat from the body is very easily done. People do not experience pain as there is no surgery undergone during the process of treatment. Hence, there is no need of anaesthesia. Also, downtime is not required in the procedure.

    Within a few months, you will be able to find lot of changes within you. The fat reduction process is carried out till about 6 months after the treatment is started. Also there is no lengthy recovery period which is the best thing about it. Since this treatment is very advantageous, many people have preferred this treatment for the purpose of losing fat from their body. Most of the patients have experienced best results with this treatment and due to this; it has been very popular among many people. This is one of the risk free methods of reducing fat from the body. Also you can very easily carry out your daily activities within a few days once the treatment is done.

    Freeze fat with the help of this method and get the best results within a few days. Very soon you will look slim and beautiful once the treatment is completed. Isn’t it a great way to take away all the unwanted fat from your body? Go for this procedure of losing fat and look great at all times. It is very sure that your mates will be surprised to look at you once the treatment is done. Look slim and feel great.

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  • Something that you must know about our Laser Liposuction Equipment

    Medical science has made rapid progress over time. This is evident in the sophisticated and hassle free techniques employed in surgeries. The more hassle free the procedures the more complicated and sophisticated the surgical instruments get. The liposuction equipments are no exception. Considering that these procedures are largely employed in cosmetic surgeries, precision and minimal invasion is of paramount importance. Here are Laser Liposuction Equipment

    The surgical instruments refurbish

    The instruments used in these procedures are extremely sophisticated and precision oriented. The most commonly used instrument is the cannula which is a small hollow instrument. The cannula is inserted through tiny incisions into the fat layer that needs to be removed. The fat tissue is dislodged by moving the cannula back and forth and it is then suctioned out using a vacuum pump or a large syringe.

    A wide range of cannulas are available with over 33 types of tips with various handle styles to suit different comfort requirements. A wide variety of fat injection cannulas are also used. The narrower cannulas provide smoother results. The narrow cannulas with a larger number of holes in them can be used for injecting fluid into the fat tissue as well as sucking out the dislodged fat. The serrated cannulas are suitable for tougher lumpy fat masses and can be easily controlled even while working very close to the skin. The tumescent cannulas are efficient refined and cause very little pain and bruising. They are extremely affordable and good value for money unlike the other over priced, underperforming, outdated equipment. In the laser aided liposuction, the fat is dissolved and then suctioned out. The laser equipment is used for methods like lipo dissolve, mesotherapy, lipolysis etc.

    Compression garments

    These are used for post operative care and help in reducing the bruising. They provide the much needed support for the patients who have undergone liposuction of the stomach, knee and the areas below the knee. They have to be worn 24/7 during the first few weeks after the surgery. The usage can be tapered off gradually. They are available in various sizes and are machine washable.

    Suction pumps

    The liposuction pumps are used for suctioning out the fat that is dislodged. These pumps are highly efficient and are also equipped with dual heads to ensure interruption free operation. Even if one pump fails to perform the other takes over and continues suctioning without a hitch. They are designed to be noise free and super quiet. They are available in various options to suit various budgets. The suction pumps come with suction liners meant for collection of the dislodged fat. The liners fit into large reusable containers or canisters. The canisters have a lockable lid to prevent contamination of any sort. Along with the liners and the canisters, bacterial filters are used. These have to be changed often. Disposable canisters are also being used as they do not require liners. They are equipped with a lockable lid which prevents contamination. The lid fits securely and maximizes the vacuum power. It also prevents and leakage.

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  • Reasons Why is CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Better?

    The Older CO2 laser resurfacing, called level bar laser resurfacing produced fabulous wrinkle removal and of skin tightening, yet recovery was extreme, requiring weeks for the skin to mend. Additionally, traditional laser skin resurfacing harmed pigment cells in the skin which caused the skin to turn white. These problems were caused by the way that the more established lasers treated the whole surface of the facial skin, thus recuperating required new skin cells to be produced by hair follicles and sweat organs in the skin. This was a very ease back process requiring up to two weeks for new skin cells to cover the surface of the face.

    New fractional laser and skin resurfacing are effective yet much more secure than traditional CO2 resurfacing. The fractional laser resurfacing pillar is separated into many little shafts so that the laser influences just a little, focused zones of the skin. Fractional laser resurfacing leaves skip zones on the skin that are left typical and undamaged. These untreated skin cells can quickly mend the treated skin with new skin cells. The treated zones, called miniaturized scale treatment zones are ended in 6 hours with fractional Lux2940 Erbium laser on the Starlux laser. The CO2 fractional lasers like the Fraxel Repair and Lumenis ActiveFX and DeepFX take somewhat more, up to 48-72 hours.

    Fractional lasers are additionally ready to penetrate the skin into the dermis much more profound than level bar procedures. More deep penetration causes more hypopigmentation new collagen production. The trademark results in an improved skin plumping and a better skin texture.

    Fractional laser and skin resurfacing are superior to old fashioned level shaft laser resurfacing because skin recuperating is much speedier, and the danger of white skin, hypopigmentation is substantially less.

    The benefits of the exercise are:
    *Quicker skin was recuperating.
    *Deeper penetration on for a better collagen production.
    *Less danger of hypopigmentation.
    *Improved skin texture.
    *More delicate, snappier recovery.
    *Improved wrinkle removal, the pigment removal, and the skin tightening.

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  • Benefits of Lipo Laser Treatments

    If you are looking for an effective way to fix your legs, buns and thighs while you still enjoy all types of food, lipo laser treatments is the best option for you. By using this procedure, you will attain that shape of the body that you have always desired without any medical risks involved. You also do not face difficulties while recovering as it might happen with traditional liposuction. Here are some other top benefits of lipo laser treatments.

    Benefits of Lipo Laser Treatments

    More convenient

    It can be very embarrassing if you get involved in a diet or join gym and still struggle to lose weight. Lipo laser is more convenient because you do not have to go through such difficulties. It is an easier way to lose weight that undergoing through costly liposuction or surgery. It is a cool and innovative way to get rid of irritating bulges of fats without facing the knife. You also do not have to take time off from work as you recover. You just relax and allow the laser machine take away all your fat.

    It is non invasive and fast

    There are always risks involved when you try to lose weight using invasive techniques. Lipo laser treatment is a non invasive way that will help you get rid of excess fast in body parts such as thighs, arms and belly. There is no surgery or needles involved in the entire procedure. Even if you have struggled to get rid of excess fat with exercise and fat without success, you can shed the fat using this procedure fast.
    High level safety

    Laser lipo is safe and is approved by professionals. However, the most important thing is that it works very effectively. In addition to this, it is pain free, safe, natural and gets you the results you need quickly.

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  • Is Laser Liposuction a Safe Procedure?

    Lipo laser treatment is usually done under local and tumescent anesthesia. A hand-held laser-enabled cannula is inserted through a 1 to 2 mm incision into the area with the excessive fat. The cannula is then moved back and forth. The laser’s beam is visible through the skin and allows the surgeon to identify the treatment area. The laser energy breaks up the fat cell membranes and dissolves the fat which can then be suctioned off from the site.

    Laser Liposuction lchspa

    Why Laser Liposuction is Safe

    • Performed under local anesthesia: While traditional liposuction uses general anesthesia, laser-assisted liposuction uses local anesthesia. This greatly reduces the risk involved as the patient remains wide awake and can interact with the plastic surgeon during the procedure. The administration of local anesthesia also reduces downtime – the patient can leave the surgical facility a few hours after the procedure.

    • Minimally invasive: The laser energy is delivered through a thin laser-tipped fiber that is inserted through tiny incisions in the skin. So the technique is minimally invasive, reducing patient trauma, pain, and chances of infection.

    • Reduced bleeding: There are less blood loss and minimal swelling with liposuction treatment using laser technology as compared to traditional liposuction. The laser coagulates the underlying blood vessels to minimize bleeding.

    • Minimal tissue damage: The laser energy also heats other tissues. The newest liposuction modalities such as the triple-laser enabled SmartLipo TriplexTM, which has been cleared by the FDA, comes with special features that allow controlled energy delivery. This minimizes the risks of overheating or burning of the surrounding tissues.

    Liposuction Surgery – Important Considerations

    Though laser liposuction is a safe procedure and offers very effective results, a thorough consultation with an expert plastic surgeon is essential. Locate a surgeon that has the experience in the type of liposuction treatment you are looking for.

    As a Laser Liposuction aspirant, you have to be properly evaluated to determine if the procedure will work for you. Anything that can put you at risk must be ruled out. Factors that the surgeon must consider include the extent of fatty tissue to be removed, the number of treatment sites, associated procedures that may be necessary, and above all, your overall health status.

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    An extensive number of individuals trust that losing fat is one of the hardest assignments, particularly for the individuals who experience the ill effects of hereditary weight, reactions of steroid admissions or other wild elements. Various wellness masters advocate that practicing is the best way to get in shape. While they are right in their own specific manner – innovation opens up numerous new roads that offer less demanding methods for getting in shape and removing the fat. One of these in fact propelled strategies is utilizing fat cavitation machine.


    The ultrasound cavitation machines are intended to wreck fat cells in the subcutaneous epidermal layer through ultrasonic sound waves. Other than the characteristic approaches to get more fit (practice and eating routine), this non-surgical treatment is the best and most secure approach to get in shape in a bother free way. It includes no utilization of anesthesia and prompts no torment. Our cutting edge way of life doesn’t permit us to extra some time for physical activities and strict eating routine administration.

    With cavitation methodology, the cellulite and fat stores that aggregate on various parts of the body are evacuated. Excellence salons can draw in colossal demographic by putting resources into weight decrease machines like these that utilization non-intrusive weight lessening innovation. This innovation decreases fat by changing over it into fluid that can be wiped out with pee. The machine must be put precisely in the territory that is to be dealt with. The ultrasound waves structure rise in the tissues of the fat cells. The air pocket extends and is compacted instantly. With ascend in temperature, the air pocket blasts, and thus the fat cells are harmed.

    Why would it be a good idea for one to put resources into a fat cavitation machine?

    There are a few reasons that highlight the advantages of fat cavitation machines over the other weight reduction medicines. Some of these reasons are introduced underneath –

    1.Painless and safe treatment – The progressive innovation on which this machines based guarantees that the patient feels no torment or symptoms while or after the treatment. This variable alone settles on it a far superior decision than liposuction, practicing or surrendering your most loved sustenances.

    2.Time-sparing – The treatment by and large takes not over 30 minutes. This implies the patient doesn’t need to stay in the clinic or want various sessions before seeing any unmistakable results. This component implies that, as a stunner master, you spare the season of your customers, as well as your staff’s also.

    3.Cost-successful – While the innovation is progressed and forefront, its cost is extremely sensible. At low value you can buy this item from any online or disconnected from the net store. Be that as it may, it is vital to first guarantee that the retailer’s administrations are dependable and of high caliber.

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  • What You Should Know About Ultrasonic Liposuction

    Ultrasonic liposuction is distinguished from other methods of removing fat in the sense that fat cells are destroyed preventively using ultrasound. In this way, the emulsion of fat is more malleable than in other types of liposuction, where fat cells are removed mechanically. A standard ultrasound device consists of a power source, a piezoelectric transmitter, a titanium tube, suction tubes (2 mm and 4 mm in diameter), an infusion and a gun-syringe infiltration tumescent solution.

    The ultrasound probe can produce a broad range of frequencies. In addition to this, warming the soft tissues can often lead to unintended consequences, sometimes dramatic. In the early ultrasound liposuction, there were even sunburns, but they were successfully removed.

    ultrasonic fat reduction

    After injecting tissue, the titanium probe connected to the transmitter is inserted into the subcutaneous fatty cellular tissue by small skin puncture. The probe is then moved slowly and without interruption in the fat cellular tissue. To obtain a full dilution of the fat, movements should be repeated for about 7-8 times. The duration of such a procedure and amount of energy required to dissolve fat tissue depend on the type of lipodystrophy used.

    Emulsified fat is removed through a thin cannula (2-3 mm) at a negative pressure of 0.2-0,3 bar. This low pressure allows prevention of unwanted skin trauma and damages to the surrounding blood vessels and nerves.

    Post-intervention treatments for ultrasound liposuction are very similar to the ones used for other types of liposuction: antibiotics for five days, wearing large clothes for four weeks, as well as individual massages. Therefore, other types of liposuction are indicated for removing small areas of fat deposits.

    On the other hand, the advantages are numerous and should also be considered. The first benefit of this method is the negative pressure created by the syringe, which is much smaller than the pressure that occurs when working with a vacuum device. If thin skin layer is thin, a high level of stress can lead to several aesthetic problems in the postoperative period.

    The second significant advantage of ultrasonic liposuction is that less tissue trauma is encountered during syringe liposuction. This results in a significant reduction in the recovery time for every patient. Finally, a good surgeon will always be able to have full control on every stage of the medical intervention, with the possibility of optimal contour modeling.

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  • Lipo laser Really Does Work

    Most of us want to have that amazing body that turns everyone’s head right? Well, if you’re trying to look and feel gorgeous I suggest you stop what you’re doing and read this article. This article will save you energy and answer your question right away.

    Lipo laser does it work? 


    Lipo laser Really Does Work

    Lipo laser is an easier way of loosing weight without the hard work, that is without having to exercise, go on a diet and better yet no open surgery involved. There are two types of lipo laser, One is external lipo laser which involves the use of a laser machine right on top of the patients body. The second type is internal lipo laser which involves insertion of the machine into the area being treated.

    The lipo laser process involves laser machines that burn the fat inside your body converting it into energy hence the results of a gorgeous body. Most of us have that one main question, “lipo laser does it work?” Yes, lipo laser works. There are endless testimonies that this method works miracles, all you need to do is eat healthy and drink lots of water, then buy a lipo laser machine.

    Another important point is that lipo laser is quite affordable and works within a few months if not weeks. You don’t feel any pain during the lipo laser procedure. You will have your before and after album set right at the middle of your living room due to the satisfaction of the results of this procedure.

    So, if you were wondering, lipo laser does it work? You definitely know that it does. The amazing and simple steps that you have to take to get to that dream body, be it the abs, the toned body. Be rest assured lipo laser gets you there quicker without much effort to it.

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    Whether you have unwanted excessive fat in the abdominal area, outer and inner thighs, bra line, arms or hip area, we have a solution for you. We sell specialized equipment that helps you to shed off these excessive fats through the application non-surgical liposuction techniques. Non-surgical liposuction technique uses cold, radiofrequency, laser energy and ultrasound to reduce fat. Below is a detailed look into the operation of the non-surgical liposuction devices.

    non surgical liposuction

    Coolscultpting Devices

    The coolsculting devices apply extremely low temperatures to freeze your unwanted fat cells. This procedure is painless. The coolscultping procedure is best suited for unwanted fat around your abdomen, bra line, arms, hips, inner and outer thighs. If this treatment plan is recommended for you, you will be required to undergo two sessions, six weeks apart, for maximum benefits. The coolsculpting technique can help you get rid of 2-4 cm of excessive fat within the affected area.

    BodyFX Devices

    BodyFx devices painlessly destroy your fat cells through a process called irreversible electroporation. This device emits short pulse radiofrequency currents, a special high frequency, and voltage which cause electrical damage to your fat cell membranes. Also, the BodyFx emit standard radiofrequency which tighten your skin as the excessive fat is melted.

    Ultrasound Devices

    Ultrasound devices emit gentle pulses which are focused on the fat cell membranes. These focused high-frequency waves result in the death of your fat cell, through a process called cavitation. The ultrasound technique is harmless, painless, and has no downtime. You will need 3 sessions of treatment, each two weeks apart.

    Cynosure Devices

    These devices help you in losing excessive fat in unwanted areas through a process called hyperthermia. This device has four applicators, each delivering laser energy which targets the location of the excessive fats. Cynosure devices are highly programmed and set to maintain temperatures of between 45-47 degrees, for 25 minutes. The elevated temperatures, in turn, induces the death of fat cells.

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