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  • Benefits of fat freezing using laser or cavitation.

    Fat freezing using laser or cavitation is a non-surgical process utilized to remove fat from a few selected areas of the human body. This process is primarily used to damage small quantities of fat. Too much fat in one particular area can lead to scarring of the area. The process of freezing fat cells involves the use of the latest technology of Cry lipolysis.

    The process of freezing fat cells is carried out through the application of controlled frostbite. The interesting fact is in this process the skin is not frozen but the fat cells are frozen. These frozen fat cells die and is absorbed by the body. The number of treatments required by a person depends on the amount of fat available for reduction.

    There are several benefits associated with the non-surgical procedure of fat freezing.

    The procedure is used for the reduction of fat from different areas of the human body like the abdomen, back, thighs, etc.


    It mainly affects those areas of the body where the diet and exercise programs have no effect. There is no need of incision in this procedure. The individual undergoing the procedure suffers minimal discomfort. The risk of skin injury is also very less in this procedure.


    The process of freezing fat cells is mainly effective for removal of fat in limited quantity from the areas of the abdomen, back, thighs, etc.

    The process is a fat removal technique and not a weight loss procedure. There may be the need for more than one treatment session depending on the volume of fat available for reduction.

    The costs of this procedure may be higher than other traditional methods of fat reduction.

    Risks involved in the Fat freezing using laser or cavitation method is minimal. The process is largely risk free. But a few minor instances have come to light. The area of treatment turns red for sometimes after the procedure is carried out. This redness can exist for a few hours. There may be a temporary numbness in the treated area.

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  • Composition of the aesthetic equipment laser lipo

    Composition of the aesthetic equipment laser lipo
    The laser lipo aesthetic equipment consists of 8 plates, through which the cold diode laser is irradiated on the area to be treated.
    The operator of the center should only place these plates directly on the skin of the area on which the treatment is being performed and fix them with the help of elastic bands.
    In addition, in the area of ​​the lymph nodes closest to the area where the treatment is being applied, the stimulators are fixed to help facilitate the removal of the released fat.
    Once the plates and lymphatic stimulators are in place, the client can relax during the 30 minutes of each session, since he does not perceive any type of pain or discomfort or even allow himself the pleasure of receiving other treatments at the same time.
    Frequently Asked Questions about treatment with laser lipo aesthetic equipment
     • How many laser lipo treatments do I need to see results?
     To obtain the maximum results it is recommended to perform a cycle of 8 treatments per body zone. Each treatment lasts 30 to 45 minutes and should be performed twice a week at regular intervals.
     • What areas of the body can I treat with laser lipo?
    The cycle of treatments with the laser lipo aesthetic equipment can be performed on calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms and chin. The laser lipo system consists of several pads that accelerate and make the treatment more effective, adapting to the different areas of the body.
     • How many centimeters can I lose with the laser lipo treatment?
    This will depend on each person depending on their size, but the results of the treatment will greatly improve depending on the degree of commitment: it is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise program to use the fat released by treatment with laser lipo as a source Of energy.
     • Does the laser lipo treatment hurt?
    The system used by the laser lipo aesthetic equipment is a low-intensity laser, also sometimes known as a cold laser, since most people feel virtually nothing when they are applied. The treatment with the laser lipo aesthetic equipment is Relaxing and comfortable: there is usually only a slight sensation of warmth in the area where the pads are in contact with the skin.
     • Can all people undergo treatment with laser lipo?
    Treatment with the laser lipo aesthetic equipment works well for both men and women but, as in most clinical treatments, there are some medical conditions that can lead to discontinuation of treatment. Prior to the first treatment, the therapist Will work with the patient on a comprehensive health and medical questionnaire to ensure that they can submit to it and include a detailed description of it.
     • How long will I notice the results?
    With laser lipo you probably will not need to perform maintenance treatments as long as you control your weight, your diet and exercise. Anyway, if you submit to a treatment from time to time will be a good incentive to control you.
    The effectiveness, safety and ease of use of the laser lipo aesthetic equipment places you as the most attractive aesthetic equipment for the treatments of thinning and reducing body fat.
    The system used by laser lipo is the latest in laser lipolysis: it offers you a way to lose inches and sculpt your body without pain, without needles and without need of rest.

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  • Lipo Laser is a revolutionary new system that uses low level lasers for the treatments of cellulite tuning

    Lipo Laser is a revolutionary new system that uses low level lasers for the treatments of cellulite tuning, fat reduction and body remodeling. The Lipo-Laser uses photomodulation to stimulate the body’s natural process to release content stored in fat cells. Every day, the human body stores excess calories from its diet in adipose tissue. The brain controls when the content is released, and then it is metabolized into energy. Adipocytes can be compared to a rechargeable battery: sometimes they are used and others are stored depending on diet and exercise. Lipo-Laser is used to activate the release of the contents, without exercise, and allows you to specifically target the most refined areas. Lipo-Laser is not invasive, it is painless, it does not use needles and it does not force to stop the activity. Patients may expect loss results of 1 to 2 sizes during the course of their treatment. Lipo-Laser is what better ombina with a change of lifestyle to maintain its results, usually enough with a simple diet and exercise

    What is it?
    It is a new low-power cold laser technology (Diode 3 B) with visible red light, which emits a wavelength between 635-650 nm, which works by stimulating the mitochondria of adipose cells as well as membrane receptors Adipocyte Alpha and Beta, which stimulate the production of an enzyme called Lipase. This enzyme is responsible for fragmenting triglycerides.
    Triglycerides, which occupy 95% of the adipocyte, are divided into the fat molecule, into free fatty acids, glycerol and water, passing out through the cell wall to be expelled by the body.

    What is it for?
    Due to the stimulation caused by photolipolysis (low power laser), the amount of water at the extracellular level is increased, among others.
    We favor the lymphatic drainage, allowing to diminish the toxins and liquids, producing an increase of circulation that will help us to accelerate the metabolism, improving the appearance of the skin. We will achieve an instant and physiological emptying of fat cells known as Lipolysis. It is a non-invasive treatment, without incisions, needles, wounds or scars and is characterized by being 100% painless.
    The results are visible and lasting after the first session, as long as healthy and balanced nutrition is combined with exercise. With this treatment, which consists of 9 sessions, you can get to lose volume by 3 to 8 centimeters.

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    Whether you have unwanted excessive fat in the abdominal area, outer and inner thighs, bra line, arms or hip area, we have a solution for you. We sell specialized equipment that helps you to shed off these excessive fats through the application non-surgical liposuction techniques. Non-surgical liposuction technique uses cold, radiofrequency, laser energy and ultrasound to reduce fat. Below is a detailed look into the operation of the non-surgical liposuction devices.

    non surgical liposuction

    Coolscultpting Devices

    The coolsculting devices apply extremely low temperatures to freeze your unwanted fat cells. This procedure is painless. The coolscultping procedure is best suited for unwanted fat around your abdomen, bra line, arms, hips, inner and outer thighs. If this treatment plan is recommended for you, you will be required to undergo two sessions, six weeks apart, for maximum benefits. The coolsculpting technique can help you get rid of 2-4 cm of excessive fat within the affected area.

    BodyFX Devices

    BodyFx devices painlessly destroy your fat cells through a process called irreversible electroporation. This device emits short pulse radiofrequency currents, a special high frequency, and voltage which cause electrical damage to your fat cell membranes. Also, the BodyFx emit standard radiofrequency which tighten your skin as the excessive fat is melted.

    Ultrasound Devices

    Ultrasound devices emit gentle pulses which are focused on the fat cell membranes. These focused high-frequency waves result in the death of your fat cell, through a process called cavitation. The ultrasound technique is harmless, painless, and has no downtime. You will need 3 sessions of treatment, each two weeks apart.

    Cynosure Devices

    These devices help you in losing excessive fat in unwanted areas through a process called hyperthermia. This device has four applicators, each delivering laser energy which targets the location of the excessive fats. Cynosure devices are highly programmed and set to maintain temperatures of between 45-47 degrees, for 25 minutes. The elevated temperatures, in turn, induces the death of fat cells.

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  • Lunchtime Lipo

    Everyone has flaw on his or her body that they don’t like right? Most of the time, it’s a little bit of fat that we just can’t get rid of. Those couple last pounds we try to lose but for some reason, they won’t come off. The diet and exercise worked for most of the weight loss but now it’s not for one last push. That’s where a Lipo Laser Machine comes in handy.
    The machines are quick and easy and can be used by anyone. Also, unlike going under the knife, these machines are non-invasive, and can be done right in the comfort of your own home. Most people likely don’t have thousands of dollars and days worth of time, to waste going to a hospital for a tiny procedure. A laser machine won’t break the bank, and it definitely won’t take up days or even weeks of your time. All someone need is 30 minutes. That’s it! That is likely less than the time you need for a lunch break.

    lunchtime lipo
    Now, people have the ability to have their lunch and eat it to….right? These machines allow you to take your Lunchtime Lipo break easily, and you can make it make to work with plenty of time to spare. The flexibly a laser machine allows is wonderful, and anyone can use these. Of course there are some precautions that need to be taken but who could say no to a machine that only takes a few 30 minute sessions? Your wallet, and body will likely thank you. Don’t stress about losing those last couple of pounds anymore. Don’t worry about spending thousands of dollars to treat something this machine can do. This product will work and will save you time and your money, so you can go back and enjoy the more simple things in life.

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  • Laser Liposuction Cost

    Laser liposuction is a technique employed in eliminating fat pockets such as the double chin, saddlebags, and those located at the back of the thighs. The procedure employs the use of laser heat, which melt and eliminate unwanted fats in the target areas. The laser liposuction cost may greatly vary depending on the type of device employed, the body type, location from where the procedure is performed, the doctor conducting the procedure, and the medical facility.

    Laser Liposuction Cost

    The treatment methods used

    The treatment can be conducted using one of the several laser machines that available to the plastic surgeons. There are several untested technologies that use a variation of laser frequency, but the procedure is identical among the different types of laser aided liposuction surgeries. The two main methods used include the Smart laser liposuction and the Cool laser liposuction.

    Cool laser liposuction and Smart laser lipo cost

    How much does laser lipo cost? Well, the procedure is considerably cheap compared to the traditional liposuction. Prices for Cool and SmartLipo procedure vary depending on the overall size of the area to be treated. On average, the procedure costs approximately $1,700-$4,500 on each location treated with SmartLipo. Smart liposuction cost would also depend on the affected body part. The abdomen is the most expensive, while areas like the outer thighs, chin and neck are less costly. The traditional liposuction procedure costs an average of about $6,500 on the area around the abdomen. The same process performed through SmartLipo would cost $5,000. Since SmartLipo is believed to be an elective procedure, it is normally not covered by insurance.

    Laser liposuction compares favorably to other forms of medical procedures that aim to reduce the general fat content in the human body, not only due to its non-invasive nature, but also its significantly lower cost. Basically, laser liposuction cost depends on several factors, such as region, experience and skills of the surgeon, type of equipment used, and the total body area.

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  • The Cost For A Laser Lipo Procedure

    Laser liposuction is referred by several names such as laser lipectomy, laser lipo and smart lipo. While costs for the procedure will vary depending on the region and expertise of the physician, the costs are considerably lower than having a traditional liposuction procedure. One will have to consider that with more than one procedure being done at the same office visit, there is usually a standard flat fee for the first process with an additional smaller fee for the second procedure.

    laser lipo cost
    Although choosing laser lipo should not be based on the price alone, it will help to do research on the physician that you are considering to do the procedure. It will be helpful to ask to see before and after pictures on some of their patients as well as having an opportunity to contact those patients and get their feedback on their experience with the physician and the procedure that was done. This will assist in making the decision when considering all of the factors, not just the overall costs.

    laser lipo cost2

    An example of an average cost for laser liposuction, say for the chin and neck would be around $2,500. In a high range, it would be around $6,000 but in the lower range of fees, it would be around $1,500 which is considerably less than the average cost.

    Another good example would be for the abdominal area. If the lower abdomen is the problem area, the average cost would be around $3,500. Again, the higher range for this procedure would be around $9,000 while the lower range fee would be around $2,000 which again is considerably less than the average cost.

    Side effects are fewer with laser liposuction than with traditional liposuction. Patients recover quicker and can get back to their daily routines in about a day or two.

    All in all, it pays to do your research if you are seriously considering a laser lipo procedure. Sometimes patients who are better informed before their procedure respond better because they have a better understanding of the whole process. Do your homework and check out everything.

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  • Laser Fat Removal

    Fat removal laser operation does not require a whole overnight stay in the hospital to remove and reduce fat so that the body looks slimmer and tighter. Thanks to technology.

    This treatment can be taken up only by those patients who are not overweight but have fatty heaps beneath the chin or abdomen or at the back, but only after the consulting the doctor’s one can go in for Lipo laser. It is a very safe process as it involves mild anesthesia and one can walk out of the hospital within two hours.

    Laser Fat Removal

    Laser fat removal is an outpatient procedure done in under an hour per body part. To make patient calm during operation, a local anesthetic is injected into the areas to be treated. The lidocaine used in the numbing agent restricts blood vessels making it virtually a bloodless surgery.

    The fat is liquidized by a laser injected under the skin, connected to a tiny cannula which sucks out the mobile fat. There is little movement under the skin, resulting in little to no bruising or swelling post op.

    This non-invasive method of fat removal uses the laser to rupture fat cells. Since an Adult does not produce more fat cells, the ruptured fat cells are gone forever. The fat removal in the treated area is permanent.

    The laser induces the growth of collagen in the skin, and an immediate skin tightening is seen. Unlike before, where a patient might experience sagging or loose skin once the fat is removed, patients having surgery using a laser experience just the opposite. The skin is fitted and smooth.

    Heavy activity is avoided for 48 hours and then it’s back to normal. Most patients experience no pain, swelling or bruising following the surgery and can walk right out of the doctor’s office within three hours of the operation.

    People go for laser fat removal treatments to maintain their beauty apart from health. Most women prefer this to look slim and smart. Fat removal laser comes to the rescue, and it is a real blessing for every human, however, exclusively in the cases where dieting and exercise seem to have zero effect.

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  • Laser Lipo Reviews – The Advantages of I Lipo

    I lIpo is a relatively new weight loss procedure, it is called I lipo due to the results it produces being very similar to that of a traditional liposuction surgery procedure, the advantage however of this procedure is that it is totally non-intrusive, this means there is no surgery required at all, this will obviously mean that there will be no pain and no unsightly scars after the treatment like what you would expect after any kind of surgical procedure like liposuction or other procedures like tummy tucks which both involve extensive surgical procedures.


    So what is I lipo and what does the procedure consist of?
    It is basically a technique that uses laser energy emitted through pads that are placed on your body in the specific area you are treating this effects the structure of fat cells in the body causing them to break down into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are then absorbed through the cell membrane channels and then transported around the body to be used for energy, this process is something that already happens in the body naturally when the body needs to use stored energy reserves therefore the procedure merely helps with an already natural accruing bodily function that happens in the body in the right situation naturally, this also means there are no adverse effects to the surrounding cells tissue or skin.

    The procedure itself has been through a number of independent medical trials and is often compared to surgical procedures like liposuction.

    Ultra sound has shown that after just 1 treatment in some cases up to 30% of fat in the treated area has been reduced, results can be seen almost instantly however it is recommended to do some light exercise after the procedure to speed up the process by burning the broken down fat that has been distributed through the body.

    Possibly the best thing about this procedure is that I Lipo is completely painless unlike other common weight loss surgery’s which can cause a lot of pain and scarring and remain painful for quite a while, a lot of people consider the feeling of I Lipo to actually be quite relaxing due to the pads that emit the laser being nice and warm.

    So how much does ILipo cost? Well it is quite an affordable procedure each treatment costs around £100 with a recommended 8 treatments on average obviously some people will need less and some may need more but at an average of just £800 this really is an amazingly cheap alternative to real cosmetic surgery.

    We hope you have enjoyed this article and hopefully it has given you a better understanding of this procedure if you would like to learn more about the procedure of laser lipo and why many consider it to be one of the best weight loss solutions in the market place.

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