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  • Do you want more collagen? Then get the derma roller

    Of this protein you never have enough; Especially since the age of 40 an age in which their natural production drastically diminishes resulting in wrinkles, wrinkles, depressions and those unsightly loops that pop up everywhere. That is why collagen is increasingly used in cosmetic treatments and cosmetic products, because it is the protein that helps the skin to recover the smoothness of its youth.

    And if I told you that with only the invaluable help of a humble appearance but a tremendous efficiency when it comes to naturally induce the synthesis of collagen proper when you were a teenager you will get more than satisfactory results, would you believe it ?

    Well it’s true, it’s scientifically proven and there are many addicted to this manual technique. The magic roller is called a dermarroller and is a roller attached to a handle that creates micropunctions in the epidermis without compromising its integrity, without a prolonged period of low and without high risk of complications.

    From head to toe you can get a great results by yourself in an extraordinarily simple, effective and very economical way. With it is realized a technique called Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy, a very versatile procedure that allows to make treatments of diverse alterations of the skin but mainly to realize a facial rejuvenation, to combat the cellulitis, to improve the alopecia, to eliminate the striae; Although undoubtedly, where the results are most spectacular is in the treatment of acne scars. It is also indicated to minimize dermatological problems such as pigmented lesions or to reduce dilated pores.

    With this minimally invasive system of microneedling, the microneedles are passed through the area to be treated to achieve a double objective: on the one hand, induce a natural production of collagen and elastin. It is here where the main action and advantage of the treatment lies, microperforations in the skin (barely perceptible) stimulate a controlled action of the repair mechanism of the skin, causing new collagen synthesis.

    On the other hand, also when opening thousands of epidermal microchannels, these allow a greater penetration of the different active principles that are used immediately after the treatment, mainly vitamin C, retinol and hyaluronic acid.

    Summarizing its indications are:

    Thickens the epidermis.
    Helps smooth out wrinkles, lines, folds, and crow’s feet. It improves the texture and large pores of the skin of the face. Reduces the appearance of acne scars.
    Improves the scars caused by chickenpox. Helps repair and replenish old scars.
    It softens the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks or weight loss and cellulite.
    How it works:

    The normal thickness of the average human skin is 1.5 mm and is classified into 3 main areas: the epidermis, (0.12 mm) dermis and sub-dermis (1.5 mm). The epidermis has 5 layers in total, the upper layer is called the stratum corneum. Its thickness is about one hundredth of a millimeter, and it is hard to believe that this thin layer is the main barrier and protection for our body.

    The stratum corneum is constantly reproduced by the epidermal lower layers. It is so effective that almost nothing can penetrate it. It stands to reason then that this question arises: what percentage of skin care treatments actually penetrate the viable layers so that the active ingredient can stimulate it?

    Depending on the galenic form used in the formulation, the penetration can vary greatly, each time the products are presented in formulations that achieve maximum penetration but still there are always large losses. To resolve this conflict appeared the FDA Derived Patent and DermaRoller method , And it is a supplementary medical instrument for use at home. Ideal for non-surgical treatment of the skin. Different clinical studies show that DermaRoller outperforms treatments such as dermabrasion or chemical peeling and is as effective as non-ablative treatments. That is, a good dermarroller can multiply by 200 to 1000 the effectiveness of a good serum, cream or preparation, improving its penetration spectacularly. It is comparing studies with laser IPL, thermage, chemical peeling dermabrasion …

    There are thousands of roller brands with thousands of different manufacturers. Some are better than others, but the product comes to be the same. The FDA or EEC certificate indicates that the product is sterilized. We advise you to buy it of quality if possible surgical steel and titanium, many of the dermatological tools of micro needles are made of stainless steel, which can be detached easily with their daily use. The 0.2mm version

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  • Derma roller: How does it works and my experience!

    This gadget called Derma roller, has become very popular in beauty sites and forums as the last to remove acne scars, wrinkles, blemishes and cellulite. But, in what consist this treatment? I tell you that the LCH SPA is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation technique that promises to erase scars, stretch marks, blemishes and wrinkles on the skin.
    It mainly consists of a roller with small needles of titanium or surgical steel that, when passing through the skin, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, with similar results to the fraxel laser but without the cost or the annoyance of this.
    There are needles of various diameters according to the use you want to give, to enhance your creams is 0.5 mm, for anti-aging use as wrinkles and firmness 1.0 mm and for scars and stretch marks is 1.5 mm or even more.
    Personally after reading so much about this roller, I ran to order mine to prove it is 1.0 mm.

    How is it used?

    The most important thing before using Derma roller is hygiene, it is essential that you disinfect your roller well before and after using it, first pouring boiling water over it and then some alcohol spray.
    Also make sure that the area to be treated and your hands are just as clean and dry as the roller, if these steps are ready you can proceed to pass the Derma roller on your face by exerting a slight pressure on the skin, first horizontally, then vertically And finally diagonally (ideally about 10 times per side).
    You can use it alone or with your favorite beauty products as it enhances its effects 100% or more.

    My experience

    The truth is that I use it mainly to stimulate the collagen and elastin of the skin and to have a better quality of skin in general so I could not say whether or not it is effective in scars and wrinkles, but after 5 sessions yes I notice good Results in my skin, my face shines much more, but not of grease but of health, of well being, my skin is more tense and dense and the little spots of acne that I had disappeared.
    The ideal is to use it with good serums that have a high percentage of vitamin C, so you will notice faster results!
    The only bad thing is the pain, the truth is that the first few times I did not hurt almost anything, I just felt a tingle, but unfortunately this annoyance has been increasing and now it hurts more and more, it is not unbearable but if a little annoying, Besides that the face is red like tomato for some hours so it is imperative to use it at night to be presentable the next day.
    If you ask me if it is worth it I would tell you that if, eyes closed, it is an easy to use device, relatively inexpensive and quite effective, and if you have bigger stretch marks or scars, it is worth even more.

    In Chile unfortunately it is not for sale in the formal trade, but if you look in the network you will find a lot of places where they sell it and send it to their homes.

    Would you test or test Derma roller?

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